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There is more to r/c racing than just controlling a car on the track. You will spend more time in the pits and around the track than actually racing.

Be On Time

Whether signing up, getting your transponder, putting your car on the track, or turn marshalling, don't make people wait for you. Be sure you are ready to race at least one heat ahead of your own. Make sure your battery is charged and installed, tires are clean, you have body pins, and every thing is ready to put on the line.

Marshal Others As You Would Have Them Marshal You

Does this sound like the "Golden Rule"? It is. You are expected to marshal the race following yours. Be there on time. Don't worry, you will have plenty of time to work on your car before your next heat.

Watch Your Marshalling Area *Not* The Race

If you don't pay attention to your area you may cost a racer precious time. This will not make you popular. Get to cars as fast as you can and use your hands, not your feet, to right them. Don't put a car (or your foot) down in front of, or on top of, other cars. Keep your feet and other body parts off the track unless absolutely necessary. Don't become an obstacle. It could get you hurt. These things can bite.

Racers Should Stay Off The Throttle While Waiting To Be Marshalled

You are doing more harm than good to your engine. Your gas vehicle will be running lean, as there is no longer fuel coming from the tank. If you rev your engine you will run it out of fuel faster. If your car will not run without revving up you need to tune it better. Good corner marshals will not marshal a car that is on the throttle. It's just too dangerous.

Don't Walk Across The Track; Walk Around

Just because you are not in a race does not mean it is not a serious contest. Walk around the track during a race.

Don't Yell At The Corner Marshals

You don't like being yelled at do you? Plus many of our more mature racers (old farts) don't move as well as we once did.

Watch Where You Set Up Your Pit

Make sure you don't set your pit up as an obstacle. Don't set up your pit in what is usually a walkway or driveway. If you aren't sure, ask.

Pick Up After Yourself

Enough said.

Watch Your Language

There are young kids and families around. Let's do our best to keep it G-rated even when things get really frustrating.

Stay on the Drivers' Stand

If your car breaks during the race or you are unable to finish the race for any reason, please stay on the drivers' stand until the race is over. This will allow your fellow racers to finish the race without any distractions on the drivers' stand.

12 Commandments of R/C Racing


17.5 Touring<

17.5 Touring

1/10th scale 190mm 4wd touring car chassis. ROAR approved non-timing "Blinky" ESC. ROAR Approved 17.5 Brushless Motor. ROAR Approved 2s 7.4v Lipo battery. Spec Tire: Team Solaris 36J (S-T36JGM4W).

Formula One

Formula One

1/10th scale 2wd Formula One chassis. ROAR approved non-timing "Blinky" ESC. ROAR Approved 25.5 Brushless Motor. ROAR Approved 2s 7.4v Lipo battery. Spec Tire: Pit Shimizu PS571 front / PS572 rear tires.

World GT


Any 1/10 4wd or Fwd sedan chassis with 4 wheel independent suspension. Any 190mm or 200mm body. Body can be any body that is NOT on the ROAR T2 or WGT body list. ROAR approved non-timing "Blinky" ESC. ROAR Approved 21.5 Brushless Motor. ROAR Approved 2s 7.4v Lipo battery. Spec Tire: Ride RIE24025.

Refer to this link for more detailed rules: http://www.usvintagetransam.com/rules/. Scroll down the page to: USGT Class Rules and Specifications

New to R/C Racing?

If you're new to R/C and you don't understand some of the terms mentioned on this page, don't worry. We were all new to R/C at some point. We have a dedicated and friendly group of local racers that are always willing to help. Our facebook page and RCTech thread are great places to connect with our local racers for help. Some helpful links are below. Never be discouraged by not knowing something. Just show-up to the track and ask questions. We are ready and willing to help.

Helpful Links